Drive Time Data
Drive Time Matrix Data
Drive Time Matrix Data
Drive Time Matrix Data
Drive Time Matrix Data

Welcome to the online Mercator GeoSystems Drive Time data portal.

This online portal lets you quickly and easily purchase a matrix of Driving Time data for Drive Time Maps for Great Britain at either Postal Sector or Postal District level and download it for immediate use.  Drive time maps can bought from our sister site, here.

Drive time is recorded in minutes, and drive distance in kilometres.  Data is supplied as a comma separated text file (CSV file) for easy loading into a database, which is then GZIP compressed to make the files smaller and more suitable for downloading.

For example :
    L33 9,WN6 8,22.1233,25.2154
    L33 9,WA3 1,25.7934,26.2245
    L33 9,WN5 7,22.9195,19.4052
    L33 9,WA2 9,24.9774,32.2635
    L33 9,WN5 8,20.1582,21.4075
    L33 9,PR7 6,27.4378,35.3393
For other countries such as the U.S or Australia, or for custom matrix generation, please contact us using the link above.

Geographic unit Select the geographic unit you wish to use in your matrix :

Geography :

Drive time cutoff Select the maximum drive time to include in your matrix and wether or not these times are Peak or Off Peak.

Cutoff :

For times above 120 minutes, please contact us using the link above, as these files are too large to download and will need sending on CD or DVD.

 Matrix price : £25 + vat

Please note that these prices are for a single user 'workstation' license. Pricing for multiple users or server based installs can be obtained by contacting us using the link above.